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Amethyst Heart

Amethyst Heart

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Amethyst has been much admired throughout history. With its powerful healing and cleansing abilities, it is one of the most popular stones used in crystal healing today. It is particularly known for calming the mind and has been used for centuries to provide relief from mental-health conditions, such as anxiety and depression.

Healing Properties -

- Peace
- Healing
- Balance
- Intuition
- Protection

Many people find it helpful to keep Amethyst in the bedroom to help counter anxiety-related insomnia. It is also effective for children who are afraid of the dark or have nightmares.

Amethyst activates the third eye and crown chakras. When placed on the forehead, it will help to enhance your intuition and provide and overall sense of balance and mental clarity.

Weight 50g-80g

An Amethyst Heart will be intuitively chosen for you.

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