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Flower Agate Palmstone

Flower Agate Palmstone

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Flower Agate is the stone of personal growth. This captivating gem is a crystal of manifesting our potential, fighting fear, and laying the foundation for meaningful growth.
It acts as a metaphysical fertiliser for our intentions to give them a loving boost and an energised helping hand. Flower Agate is imbued with Divine Feminine Energy that nurtures our souls. As such, it fosters our progress, and pushes us toward our fullest potential on our journey.
Known to activate, open, and heal the Heart and Root Chakras, Flower Agate opens us to inspiration, establishes inner peace, and fosters empathy. It is associated with the pragmatic, grounded energy of Virgo.

Healing Properties
- Self growth
-Comforting and grounding
-Restores emotional balance

Weight 50g-70g

A Flower Agate palmstone will be intuitively chosen for you.

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