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Fluorite Sphere

Fluorite Sphere

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Fluorite carries a calming and stabilising energy that promotes mental clarity and focus. Regarded as a stone of success and achievement, fluorite encourages deep concentration, allowing the absorption of new information and the flow of creative ideas. It also removes chaotic energies from its environment, making it a wonderful stone for students.

Healing Properties -
- Focus
- Success
- Concentration
- Stability
- Clarity

Keep fluorite in the office - close to your computer, where it will be extremely effective against electromagnetic stress. It will cleanse and purify the workspace, encouraging clear thinking and improved concentration.

Purple fluorite energises the third eye chakra, enhancing intuition, wisdom and spirituality. Green fluorite restores the heart chakra, soothing emotional trauma and opening the heart, while balancing the mind and emotions.

A Fluorite sphere will be intuitively chosen for you. 

Weight 459g

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